Drainage Solutions

Is your yard drainage failing to efficiently move water away from your lawn, home or building?  Most front and backyard drainage problems are the result of faulty planning and/or installation of drainage solutions from a company that doesn’t specialize in drainage installation and repair.

With over 25 years of experience specializing in drainage solutions, Weaver and Associates can quickly spot your drainage problem and provide you with a repair plan. 

“Water backs up at the bottom of downspouts and collects near the foundation rather than moving away from my property.”

If the grade can be changed, that is the preferred solution. Most structural engineers would agree that the soil adjacent your foundation should be low enough to show 2” to 4” of foundation concrete below the bottom brick line, and it should slope away from the house at a rate of at least ½” per foot. This would prevent water from ponding near the foundation. If site conditions do not allow this change in the grade, then a surface drainage system consisting of catch basins attached to solid pipe will be needed.

Drainage Solution - Sunken Living Room
“The catch basin in my front yard or backyard doesn’t seem to be collecting and draining enough water. I still have soggy areas.”

It is likely that the catch basin has been installed too high (there isn’t enough of a slope towards it to direct water). It will need to be reinstalled at the proper depth. Alternatively, the water may be flowing below the surface, and a catch basin simply isn’t made for this type of flow. In this case, a French Drain, which is meant to collect subsurface flow, is the best drainage repair option. You can learn more about French Drains on our Drainage Education page.

Drainage Solution - Catch Basin
Enough of a slope for efficient yard drainage isn’t possible, so gravity fails to move water to the discharge point.

If measurements and calculations show that it is impossible to achieve the proper slope, then a sump pump drainage system is the only repair that will fix the problem.

Drainage Case Study - Slope Pumps
“I added dirt to a low spot in my lawn, but now water is ponding in another area.”

Adding dirt to areas that don’t drain well only forces the water to pool in the next lowest area. The drainage repair that will correctly fix the ponding in your yard is to install a catch basin system at the correct elevation and with the right slope to the discharge point.

Drainage Solution - Low Spot in lawn
“Water flows into my warehouse when it rains, damaging my equipment.”

It is likely that at one or more areas around the exterior of the building, the soil does not properly slope away from the building, so rain water is allowed to pond and build up higher than the interior floor. It can then seep into the interior under walls or through mortar joints. We will measure all slopes and design a drainage repair plan that will correct any slope issues and keep your equipment and warehouse dry.

Drainage Solutions - Test Pits

Don’t worry if you don’t see your drainage problem here. We have years of experience providing drainage solutions for an extensive variety of problems for residential, multi-family and commercial customers. Contact us today to schedule a time for us to take a look at the issue.