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Drainage System Specialists – Weaver and Associates

Solving Your Drainage Problems

Is your property being damaged or your occupants at risk of injury due to drainage problems resulting in:

  • Water ponding on sidewalks or parking areas?
  • Water seeping into carpets, walls, basements, or flooring during a rain event?
  • Unusable areas of the lawn or loss of shrubs and plants because it stays soggy long after a rain?
  • Water damaging items stored in garages or warehouses?

Have you hired a landscaper or fix-it man to do drainage repair only to see the problem continue?

These are all indicators you need the expertise of a contractor specializing in drainage systems.

The Drainage Repair Experts

For more than 25 years, Weaver and Associates has been solving the area’s drainage problems for every type of property and customer: residential, multi-family and commercial.  Because we specialize in drainage systems, you can count on us solving your water issues the right way the first time.

Scientifically Designed Drainage Systems

We frequently are called in to fix drainage systems installed by someone else—often a landscaping company or in new construction.  Our approach is guaranteed to work for you because we rely on science, rather than guesswork, to design and install the system that will solve your drainage problems.  Our owner, Alan Weaver, will personally visit your property and take distance and elevation measurements and assess whether the flow is above or under the grade.

In designing your drainage repair system, Weaver and Associates will scientifically assess:

  • Where the water is coming from
  • How quickly it must flow away to avoid flooding
  • Whether gravity or a pump is necessary to draw water away
  • Whether or not the drain/s should be installed at or below the grade                                           
  • What type of drain will be most effective

One Drainage Contractor.  One Drainage Solution.

It is our goal to delight our customers with a drainage solution that ends their drainage problems, the first time, at a reasonable price.  Learn more about:

Or, contact Weaver and Associates today—before it rains--and end your flooding problems!